Aquariology for the trade – Part 1

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Sales & Services
All the basics about managing an aquarium.
3 hours of study time
Level of expertise
About the course

Without adequate training and knowledge the keeping of fish could become a nightmare!

The course 'Aquariology for the trade – Part 1' explains the most important rules so you can be successful in the keeping or selling of fish, invertebrates, plants… and accessories.

This first Aquariology course gives the most basic and important instructions about the management of the aquarium, filtration, important parameters and general facts on fish and shrimp. You will learn the do’s and don’ts. At the end you will get instructions to write a management plan.

What to expect
  • Course introduction
  • Lesson 1: The aquarium and filtration
  • Lesson 2: Water quality
  • Lesson 3: Aquarium species and plants
  • Lesson 4: Management plan
  • Course finalization

After having completed this course, you will:

  • have learned the principles of the aquarium;
  • be able to understand the rules to keep and care for fish;
  • understand what is involved when you have aquaria and fish.
Who should attend

Pet shop owners or employees, fish wholesalers or those who want to become a fish hobbyist.

Meet the coach(es) for this course

Gerald Bassleer
Gerald is an ornamental fish biologist who works as a Flying fish doctor, consultant, trainer, author and producer of Dr. Bassleers Biofish Food. Gerald has been working in the ornamental fish industry since 1977, at wholesalers, importers and exporters in four countries (Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, US), and was president of OFI from 2006 to 2016. He is author of several books and apps on fish diseases, and currently works as an international consultant and trainer.
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Basic physiology
Livestock to consumer
Physiology of pets
Responsible pet ownership
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