Fish4Dogs Training Course

1 000,00
Expertise domains
Marketing & Communication
Sales & Services
After completing the course the student will be able to explain the benefits of feeding a fish diet to dogs and cats.
2 hours of study time
Level of expertise
About the course

The purpose of this course is to equip the user to handle questions and to compile marketing communications. The key benefits of fish in general will be explained and the Fish4Dogs product range in particular. This course looks at technical and nutritional questions related to fish in animal nutrition.

The short speech regarding fish is simple: 
“Fish – a taste dogs adore; rich in omega 3 for healthy coat, skin and joints and a high quality easily digestible protein.”

The purpose of this course is to put some flesh on the bone of this statement.

What to expect
  • Course introduction
  • Lesson 1: The key benefits of fish
  • Lesson 2: Fish in the management of specific health issues
  • Lesson 3: The Fish4Dogs product range
  • Course finalization

To enable Fish4Dogs distributors and retailers to handle both consumer enquiries and construct compelling marketing communications.

Who should attend

Retailers and their staff who want to stock the Fish4Dogs products.

Meet the coach(es) for this course

David Southey
David Southey is Fish4Dogs' consultant nutritionist. He is a graduate animal nutritionist of Leeds University in England and has been working in the pet food sector in 1992. He has his own consultancy business in 2007, working on production and product development projects for over eighty clients in eighteen countries around the world.
Omega 3
Hypo Allergenic
Grain free
Digestible protein
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