Marketing and communication in a pet business

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General Management
Marketing & Communication
Sales & Services
The basics of marketing and communication in a pet business, 7 P's of marketing, IMC
2 hours of study time
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About the course

What marketing and communication tools will you use for your organization? Advertising or sponsoring or maybe only online marketing? Which media do you use for that? Television, social media? In this course we will show you how to effectively combine marketing and communication into an integrated marketing communication plan.

What to expect
  • Course introduction
  • Challenge 1: The 7 P's of marketing
  • Challenge 2: Integrated Marketing & Communication (IMC)
  • Course finalization

After having completed this lesson, you will:

  • know more about: what marketing is about, the promotional function, advertising and other promotional elements and how these elements are coordinated to achieve an efficient marketing strategy;
  • understand: the basic elements of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) and the reasons for the increasing importance of IMC in the preparation and execution of a marketing plan;
  • be able to: set up your own process to develop an integrated marketing communication plan.
Who should attend

(Junior) marketing or communication executives, sales executives, anyone interested in the marketing strategies of a business.

Meet the coach(es) for this course

Freek Klijnsma
After nearly 20 years of experience in senior and top management positions for various organizations inside and outside the pet industry, I decided to focus on the support of pet industry businesses by starting my own consultancy business. It is my objective to influence the organizations of my clients in such a way that the company objectives will be achieved and profitability will be ensured.
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