Gerard de Niet is a chemical engineer by training, with a PhD in process dynamics and control. He started his professional career at MelkUnie Holland (now FrieslandCampina), as a Process Engineer in the dairy industry. He was a board member of a Dutch foundation in the food industry, where he organized many conferences on topics related to food products and food technology. 

Gerard then made a switch to Akzo Nobel Information Services, where he worked on process information, process modelling, process simulation, recipe management and process planning. In this capacity, he was active in the chemical-, paint-, food- and beverage industries. 

With the rise of the IT industry in the nineties, Gerard became a member of an expert team in Origin (now Atos Origin) in the field of document management and workflow. In 1998 he introduced with his team the first ASP (application services provider) solutions in the Benelux (now called Cloud Services). 

In 2000 he founded an IT company aimed at cloud based solutions with initiatives in e.g. healthcare, justice, competence management development of online profiles and services, life-long learning, and internet search. From 2013, he has been working as a consultant on community conceptualization and development.

Gerard is currently COO of GlobalPETS Academy and is responsible for concept development and implementation of the GlobalPETS Community.


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