Develop your own courses

GlobalPETS Academy is an e-learning platform specifically for the pet industry, to fill a void in educational programmes worldwide. It uniquely offers your company the opportunity to develop courses to educate a target group of your choice.




Share your knowledge

Your company has a wealth of knowledge that serves as a foundation for your products and services. The GlobalPETS Academy platform offers a unique portal for sharing that knowledge with anyone you would like to share it with – employees, distributors, customers or retail employees – by developing your own courses – open for anyone, on invitation only, or completely private.




Cost-effective way to innovate

Create a completely new online training or re-purpose existing educational materials. GlobalPETS Academy saves time and money: you can outsource your educational activities, it reduces time away from the workplace, it cuts down on travel expenses, and it helps increase sales.




Communicate a consistent message

GlobalPETS Academy offers the ability to achieve high levels of coverage amongst your target audience and ensures that the message communicated is consistent. All learners, all around the world, get the same training! Plus: it easily allows you to refresh or update coursework whenever it's needed.




Flexible learning

The e-learning platform allows students – your employees, customers or retail store employees – anywhere in the world to learn when and where they want, at their own pace. The platform is always accessible, whether it is at the comfort of a students own home, on the road, or in-between day-to-day working activities.