Dr. Rob Vigoureux ran his own veterinary practice for nine years, before joining the pet industry.

As Technical Services Manager for a subsidiary of British Petroleum Nutrition in Belgium, he assured the competitive edge through superior customer care, counselling and problem solving. He increased the level and effectiveness of the sales force through training and continuing education. He installed and managed a medicine distribution centre for Veterinarians and assured proper management of regulatory issues.

Rob Vigoureux's international career started when he joined The Iams Company, a US based, privately owned, super premium pet food company. Being at the cradle of the European branch of this pioneering and innovative company, he fulfilled his vision of designing, installing and leading a multifunctional, multicultural team, servicing 27 markets and independent distributors. By establishing the strong image and equity of the company, by enabling the whole organization through technical, nutritional and veterinary expertise, and by eliminating trade and regulatory barriers, he was a key contributor to the spectacular growth of the company in Europe. Rob Vigoureux introduced the influencer marketing strategies and managed the execution of influencer, key opinion leader and stakeholder plans. Through his technical acumen linked with strategic insight and strong leadership skills, he was a key player in the European leadership team of the company.

After Procter & Gamble acquired The Iams Company Rob Vigoureux directed the External Relations department of the Pet Health & Nutrition division of Procter & Gamble for the EMEA region. In this function his team earned recognition for the key contributions to the overall business results. More specifically, he designed and led the implementation of strategies which:

  • increased sales as a result of enhanced Company & Brand equity creation through highly visible public events;
  • built capacity and capability for business expansion in major European markets, whilst creating a positive business environment in those countries;
  • established PR and Communication plans and programmes as valued business building tools with high return on investment;
  • significantly improved the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of plans and programmes.

He personally managed several crisis situations, avoiding potential loss of business and company reputation.

Rob is energized by working with people and helping them develop and grow. He has become an expert in change management, people management and coaching, as well as in effective communication. Through these skills he successfully led his teams through many organizational changes, without ever losing the team’s continuity, effectiveness and motivation.


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